“My experience working with Eva was pleasant from start to finish - and I DO mean “finish,” because she and I managed to complete a project together that I’ve been working on for over nine years! I was losing confidence in my ability to ever tackle the space on my own and felt totally overwhelmed and paralyzed by the sheer magnitude of the task at hand until I discovered Eva’s services. Via email and phone, we were able to discuss the project and its challenges, make a plan, and schedule an appointment.

Eva is friendly and fun, and I was so grateful for her calm demeanor, thoughtful suggestions, and tireless energy. Eva’s approach to organizing is intuitive and flexible, which I found to be a great relief. I had some anxieties going into the work, but at no point she try to persuade me to get rid of things I wasn’t comfortable parting with, or pressure me to rearrange anything in any way that didn’t resonate with my creative process. She was affirming and encouraging, practical, yet adaptive.

The room is now somewhat streamlined, and certainly better organized, but still filled with many items of purpose, function, and beauty that all bring me great joy. The energy in the space is entirely transformed. Rather than dreading going in there, I now feel drawn to the room and inspired to get back in touch with my creative instincts.

Eva’s help was exactly what I needed in order to push through the psychological, emotional, and physical blockages and return my beloved Studio to its sacred state. Absolutely worth every penny! Thank you, Eva! I’ll keep you in mind next time I have a seemingly insurmountable room makeover to tackle!”

Springfield, VT

“Eva is a wonderfully energetic professional with a gift for organizing your space around your existing habits.  My wife and I just moved into a new home, and we are both naturally messy.  Eva took time up front to internalize the layout of our home, ask questions about the way we use space, learn our daily routine, and look in all the corners for unused storage space.  Each time she proposed a plan for organizing a corner of our home, she immediately thought of ways that it would impact other space or fit into our day, and continuously asked us for feedback about whether the plan would be natural for us.   She never sought to impose anything that would be unnatural for us.  However, she was an extremely effective task manager and made us more efficient at implementing the storage solutions once agreed upon. 

Eva is not afraid to get her hands dirty or help you move furniture around if necessary.  We used her services for a total of about 11 hours spread over two weekends, and in this time, converted our home from a chaotic pile of boxes and clutter to neat and functional living space.  Even if we could have done all this on our own, it probably would have probably taken us half a year without Eva's help.  She made a pleasant experience out of something that I would otherwise dread, which is alone sufficient to justify every penny we paid her.  I would absolutely hire her again, and give her my strongest endorsement."

-S.B., Montpelier, VT

“After a big move to a smaller apartment, Eva helped me get past several big organizing challenges. Several months later, I am still benefiting from this every day! She is amazing at the details as well as pulling an overwhelming mess into manageable pieces. I currently work off of a "master plan" that has become so much more reasonable, with an end in sight. Eva has provided multiple resource ideas tailored to my project needs, whether it's about old tapes and discs, appraisals, or selling stuff I'm ready to part with. Eva is an absolute pleasure to work with, always prepared, upbeat, encouraging and dependable! I highly recommend working with her if you are considering ANY organizing project that has been bugging you! It's so worth it.”

-Lora N., Montpelier, VT

"Eva helped me organize my sewing room, which is what I consider to be my personal space in the whole apartment so it is very special to me. Not only did she help give me a huge chunk of her time to do this, she left me with invaluable knowledge on how to organize what I suspect goes way past my things. She is very kind and trustworthy, worth every dollar!"

-Ally L., Chester, VT                                                                                                            

"Eva helped me immensely to get a grip on organizing my apartment, overfull closets, boxes of stuff I had been hanging on to and not sure what to do with for years.  She made daunting projects a lot of fun and had very practical, helpful suggestions.  She was very non-judgmental and super easy to work with.  I was very impressed with all that she had to offer.  I now feel much more relaxed in my place and know who to call when things get out of hand!  I highly, highly recommend Eva."

-Chris H., Montpelier, VT

"Eva has a sharp eye and a gentle touch when helping me streamline efficiency in my work space.  After briefly talking through my goals, she was able to incorporate my specific desires to create ease of function in just one on-site visit.  Without spending additional money on a lot of containers or furniture, she asked key questions and showed me options for better systems to incorporate at my desk that support my work/life mode and make it a more inviting space.  My productivity has increased dramatically and now I'm free to step away to do some of those "heart" projects I've been putting off."           

-Monica C., Waterbury, VT

"After nearly two years of living with poorly functioning and disorganized storage spaces I knew I needed outside assistance. Eva's expertise transformed my once cluttered pantry and closet into attractive and usable spaces that truly make life easier. She went through every item (including multiple lone dustpans, far too many water bottles, half-used candles, etc.) to assess the importance of each and determine where it should live. We’re pleased to find that her strategy for identifying a home for everything is working well, thanks to our simple maintenance plan to quickly make sure that everything is still in its place. I couldn't be happier with her services. While Eva was definitely the one imparting her knowledge on me during this process, I never once felt as though she overstepped her boundaries, and she was professional and nonjudgmental... and there's a lot she could have judged me on!"

-Anna G., Coventry, RI

"Eva brings a lot of hard-working energy in addition to a gentle way of listening to some really stubborn problems that no longer exist in the areas of my house which we have had time to go through. I have enjoyed the creative experience of dealing with these problems and am most appreciative of the inspiration that she has provided. Her gentle way of interacting and experience of so many of the habitual reasons for not bothering to organize possessions has made this whole process of organizing my surroundings almost a completely enjoyable job. It could not have been this way without her and I would have continued to stumble through the messy home that I had slowly become accustomed to. She has been a real help!"

-Andy M., Providence, RI